DSLR Pinhole lens – Get better at photography by using your hole!

Reviewing a DSLR Pinhole Lens from Photojojo – NOT a Hipster toy. Hipsters need to go away and die plzkthmx

It’s a Laser cut, perfectly round “pinhole”, No dust! Clear film protects camera’s sensor, soft, “lo-fi” pinhole look, Canon cap fits Canon EOS DSLR + film SLR cameras, Nikon cap fits all Nikon DSLR + film SLR cameras

Great way to learn about photography

“Cameras have gotten pretty darn complex these days what with their deluxe panoramic stitching functions and all.

But before we even start trying to figure out the inner-workings of such technologically advanced picture-makers, we remind ourselves that all we really need is one simple equation.

Hole + box = photo. Sure, oatmeal boxes make great pinhole cameras, but there’s another way!: the SLR Pinhole Body Cap, the most simple yet revolutionary way to get that beautifully lo-fi pinhole look.

Slap this no-dust cap onto your Canon EOS or any Nikon DSLR (works on film SLRs also; no adapters needed!) and shoot through a most precisely made and perfectly round pinhole that has been precision cut using lasers. Yes, LASERS!!

As steady as our photog hand is, no pinhole poke will come close to this one. You’ll get just the right balance of light diffraction, which means your images will be even and free of warping with every photo you snap.

Plus, you can guarantee no evil little dust particles will get inside your camera! The pinhole is not an actual hole made by a pin (who’da thought?) but it’s actually an opaque film with a tiny clear area in the shape of perfectly round circle. These caps are super specially designed to protect your delicate digital sensor from dust ridden images. So clever, no?

And now for the most exciting part: a pinhole cap you can use on your DSLR means seeing your pinhole photos on the spot and speedy experimentation turn around time!

Super Fancy Brand 200-500mm f/.05 lens: $20,0000. SLR Pinhole Body Cap: PRICELESS.”