2D Camera that does 3D… wait… what? – JVC @ PMA Sydney 2011

So it turns out JVC snuck under my radar and somehow released the Gz-HM970 without me noticing… it’s clever in that it can take 2D video and then do some wizardry on it and churn out a 3D image… I’ve seen 3DTV’s that can “fake” a 3D video in this way, but this is the first video camera I’ve seen that does it… interesting.


you can check it out here;jvc.com.au/cameras/everio-video-cameras/gz-hm970

Full HD 32GB 3D Conversion Video Camera

A high-sensitivity step-up Full HD camcorder with 32GB internal Flash memory and an SDXC card slot featuring 10.62M Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor and F1.2 Super Bright & 29.5mm Wide Angle JVC HD GT LENS for powerful low-light performance. Also Built-in Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and Enhanced Advanced Image Stabilizer deliver a range of shooting possibilities. The built in 2D to 3D conversion technology allows you to playback your recorded footage in 3D through your 3D HDTV or Projector”

• Full High Definition

• 32GB Internal Flash Memory

• 10x Optical Zoom

• 29.5mm Wide Angle, F1.2, GT Lens

• Enhanced Image Stabiliser

• Time Lapse Recording

• 3.5″ “Glasses Free” 3D Touch Screen

• K2 Audio Technology

• Intelligent Auto

• Super LoLux

• Bluetooth Technology

• 11 Megapixel Still Photo’s

• 3D Conversion Technology

Brilliant Performance

Newly Developed JVC High Definition GT Lens

New optics were custom designed and manufactured, incorporating several aspherical lenses to achieve finer image reproduction while maintaining a compact profile. Extra-low dispersion glass is used to minimize aberrations.

29.5 Wide Angle Lens

When zoomed out to full wide (1x), your angle of vision is equivalent to a 29.5mm lens on a 35mm SLR camera. This lets you shoot landscapes and get everyone into group shots, without having to back away.

Super LoLux

Low light performance is one of the key factors for quality video. Everio’s Super LoLux ensures superior sensitivity to low light. With a Back-illuminated CMOS sensor (on select models), you can capture clear images with precise colors even in low light. No worry while indoors or in dark situations.

F1.2 Bright Lens

The F1.2 lens is approximately two times brighter than conventional camera lenses, and is a perfect match for the Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor. You’ll be able to record in low light environments with confidence. Record indoors or outside in darker situations with brilliant results. Record birthdays, weddings, sporting events and everyday life without the need for additional lighting.

2D to 3D Conversion Technology

This camcorder is equipped with a professional-grade real time 2D-3D converter that allows you to play back 2D recorded video and stills as 3D images. Of course, regular 2D viewing is also possible.

Glasses-Free 3D LCD Monitor

The monitor gives you a 3D view you can see without having to wear any 3D glasses, so you can check the 3D image in real time while you shoot!

3D Playback on 3D Monitor

2D recordings that are converted to 3D can be output via HDMI® to an external 3D monitor for full impact viewing.