Sony HDR-CX700V review – WHOA!?

Sony HDR-CX700V review.

I’m taking a stroll around the HDR-CX700VE to see what its got on offer, does it suck, or is it the best consumer video camera on the shelf?

It claims to do professional quality HD video, it has two flavours of low light shooting and it does super show motion video… so lets look under the hood

(BTW that “E” at the end of the model number only indicates the “european” model (and thus, the Australian one) as opposed to the Yank one. The difference being 50P/60P and 24P/25P. DOUBLE PARENTHESES ALL THE WAY)

“With its “Exmor R” CMOS sensor, the HDR-CX700V Handycam® camcorder delivers superior low-light capabilities. Enhanced manual controls and 60p/24p recording options provide the precision you need for shooting professional-quality HD videos. CinemaTone technology lets you capture stunning videos with deeper, more film-like color tones. The wide angle Sony G Lens lets you capture more of the action with sharp images and brilliant, accurate colors. Also equipped with 96GB embedded Flash memory, you can record and store up to 40 hours of high-definition video footage (HD LP mode). A vibrant 3.0″ touch-screen display lets you compose and view your shots while a built-in GPS receiver gives you the ability to view your current location on the LCD map display, as well as “tag” your shooting locations. Additionally, this camcorder provides advanced capture and control features including expanded focus for precise manual focus control, zebra and peaking for precision focus and exposure adjustments.”