Olympus XZ-1 Photo-walk Test shoot

These are some of my better shots I’ve recently snapped with my new Olympus XZ-1 compact camera in the frist two random photo-walks I’ve taken with it as I learn my way around this high-end compact which now belongs on the list of “proper photographers compact cameras” along side the already very popular Canon S95 and the Panasonic LX5… which is why I uploaded this, figured it may be helpful to those facing the same decision, choosing between these cameras, seeing what it can do out of the box can be much more helpful when trying to figure which is best… for you, not just which is best on paper.

My Iphone 4 does a fantastic job at snapping shots to instantly share to the web, and my Canon 60D is a superb camera but the iPhone 4 is a bit more limited than I’d like sometimes, and the 60D and it’s lenses are just too bulky and heavy to be convenient to carry with me at all times, so for a while now I’ve wanted a “serious” compact camera that can give me much of the quality and control of my DSLR, but with the ability to live in my bag so it’s almost always with me…

I pondered and deliberated and researched for, very literally, months; trying to pin down a camera that struck the right balance of size, performance, control and price, top of the list were the very popular Canon S95, its main competition Panasonic’s DMC-LX5 – and one of the newest challengers to the crown, the Olympus XZ-1.

I finally settled on the latter.

aside from the raw tech specs of the argument it was handling and user interface which was the final note it sung to convince me the XZ-1 was for me, everything you really need to do is easy, intuitive and relatively quick.Oh, and It takes a very very nice photo ;)

It’s not been on the market long at time of publishing, but I expect the XZ-1 will be a very popular bit of kit