Xperia ARC Vs iPhone 4 – Snapshot shootout – Mobile Photography

The iPhone 4 is, perhaps arguably, the current kind of mobile phone photography, even earning it’s own moronic little word mashup, iPhoneography, but Now there just might be an ANDROID handset ready to challenge for the throne of best camera in a mobile phone (or cell phone if you’re a seppo).

Sony Ericsson‘s new flagship handset, the Experia ARC boasts a mobile editing of the Exmor R image sensor from over at the SONY’s imaging stables, and I’ve got my hands on a review unit, so lets put it head to head with the iPhone and see which snapper rules the roost.

4 thoughts on “Xperia ARC Vs iPhone 4 – Snapshot shootout – Mobile Photography”

  1. Heyyy… Watch it with the “seppo” talk, buddy. :P I may be American, but I know damn well what a mobile phone is. ;)

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  3. Wow, very interesting. I’m waiting for my contract to allow me to upgrade to an iphone 4, but should I wait for the 5, because the iphone 5 is gonna have the sony experia camer? I take close up shots of jewelry and other things I create, and it seems the Iphone 4 takes better closeups.

    I have to disagree on several shots where the speaker claims the iphone 4 is sacrificing details for saturation. First of all, the color chroma on most of the Iphones pictures are vivid and create much more painterly pictures. In some of the pictures, for instance the first skull I think, the colors were better, and the details were coming through way sharper, so I’m comfused. I really need to take close up pictures, which will be outdoors in the sunlight. What should I do? I hope apple is making the right camera choice for their new phone. I say the I phone 4 wins from this comparison, anyway. You can have all the details you want, but what’s the point of blowing up a dull ugly picture with no color chroma?

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