iPad & iPhone iChair Kickstand + Sync Stand Dock – review

Three new iPhone and iPad accessories under my review laser in one vid, so lets see what the deal is with the iChair for both your iOS devices and the Sync stand for any of your portable Apple gear, including your iPod touch.

First up the iChair kickstand style case available in multiple colours, and letting you prop up your iDevice to any handy angle you need… also comes with screen protectors


An iPhone stand that can work with any case on the market? Sign me up for what may be a near perfect alternative to the Apple branded iPhone/ipod dock. It’ll get you sitting up portrait or landscape with your iphone but doesn’t actually care much what you have so long as it’s got an Apple dock connector (Though, thanks to physics, your iPad may be a bit… wobbly should you try it with this stand ;) ) ?http://sinjimoru.com/new_eng/main/main.php?

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