Fish-Eye Lens for iPhone & Pocket Cameras

Little magnetically attached Fisheye lenses for mobile phones and those little pocket cams are pretty easy to find… finding a GOOD one that doesn’t take a steaming crap on your image quality however is a lot more difficult.

But in a fit of curiosity on a recent order from a website called I threw in one of these mini fish eye lenses … and because it was cheap

I took it out for a shoot with my iPhone4 and came home rather surprised at the quality of this cheapo Chinese fish-eye lens.

“15mm Detachable 180-Degree Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens for Cell Phones and Compact Digital Cameras” The DealExtreme SKU is 39814 if you’re looking for it.

– Creates a 180° wide angle panoramic shot or fisheye

– Tiny removable stick-on lens for mobile phones and digital cameras

– Equipped with a strap for leave it on your cell phone or a digital camera for quick access