Best iPhone 4 Screen Protector? Made with MAGIC? or SCIENCE!

Reviewing the “Ultra Optics : Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector Film” from the iPhone 4 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Series, Sent in from This may very well be the ultimate in screen films for the iPhone 4, keeping you safe from fingerprints, cutting glare and NOT detracting from the iPhone4’s beautiful retina display? Lets see how it does…

Also featured, a luxurious hand made leather iphone4 case which is SLICK :)

All of the SGP Screen Protectors feature their “Premium Silicon Adhesive” which goes on Dry to save your from the wet sloppy mess of some other screen scratch shields, and are designed to go on without any air bubbles, or any weird rainbow effects. (And it works too BTW)

SGP iPhone 4 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Series

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