GarageBand for iPad, not limited to iPad2 Like iMovie! – and it’s AWESOME

With the impending launch of the iPad 2, Apple have unleashed into the App store the new updated iMovie app and the brand new Garageband app.

GarageBand for iPad and iPad2The new iMovie app is iPad2 exclusive (well… and iPhone 4; but with a more limited feature set) It won’t run on the original iPad, despite the iPad and the iPhone 4 sharing the same A4 CPU, the iPhone in fact has twice the RAM as the iPad, which is likely what makes iMovie a bit to resource hungry for the first iPad to run it well enough to provide the “smoooth” experience Apple wants (that, and I deeply suspect Apple want to use it as a point of differentiation for those wondering if they want to upgrade).

This sucks a bit for those of us who not only work with a lot of video, but also live outside the USA where we’ll be waiting a bit longer yet for our chance to play with the new iPad and fiddle with its new iMovie app.

The GOOD news is though, that the new Garageband app, having only to deal with audio and not audio/video, works a bloody treat on the original iPad hardware… and is a BLAST to pay with… it’s intuitive, fun, quick and surprisingly powerful! I think Garageband may be another one of those “killer apps” that Apple has, and soon everyone else with a stake in the tablet market, hardware or software, will try to emulate (Look for knock-offs on Android soon ;) )

Meanwhile, in just 30 minutes I – a man with admittedly NO talent for music – was able to create this in Garage Band on my iPad;

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Blunty’s first Garageband for iPad song.” dl=”0″]

I love GarageBand for iPad. I feel like I’m going to spend many an afternoon building my own library of tracks to use as music beds in my videos :)

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  1. When I get the funds (Just got a job – yay me!) I will endeavor to buy GarageBand, one of the programs on OSX that I wish PC’s could have a similar program of.

    And that is a lovely song, mate :)

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