Nintendo 3DS – Hands On? (+ playing Pokemon on 3DS)

Going hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS, which will be releasing soon, for a first impressions review of the hardware, the built in software, and even trying the backwards compatibility with Pokemon on 3DS

I get some play time with the as yet unreleased successor to the DS, the 3DS

Playing with the built in software including the Mii maker, some Augmented reality gaming using an AR card, Face Raiders using the cameras and the motion sensors, and even popping a DS game into the 3DS, to see how the backwards compatibility does.

Also included are some samples of photos taken with the 3DS’s 3D cameras (though for obvious reasons, you’ll be looking at the two-dee versions. duh.

Note, as mentioned in the video, of course the 3D screen can’t be properly filmed with a 2D camera, even when it has the 3D effect turned all the way down the nature of the screen makes it look kinda weird in camera (as many normal screens will as a matter of fact)… but in person, with two working human eyes, the 3D effect looks great, very very convincing and the screen is sharp and clear.