iPod Nano Beer opening Watch!- Boozed-up Review

Today I drink a box of beers from all over the world so I can properly test and review a bottle opener watch band for the iPod Nano!

It’s made from real leather and laser cut stainless steel, it keeps your iPod-Nano on your wrist, and it’ll open a whole bunch of beers. Neat concept, let’s see how it does…


“Leather Sophistication for your iPod Nano

Let’s face it – there are plenty of iPod Nano watchbands out there, and ThinkGeek certainly wasn’t the first out there to carry them. It’s a very clever way to turn your multi-touch iPod Nano into a simple yet stylish watch! Pretty soon, everybody and their brother was making them, but they all seemed to look the same. Plasticky or made of silicone rubber, they’re not exactly swanky. You are a geek with style, however, and you demand quality.

And quality is what you should have. Put this on your wrist: a leather band with a unique metal clip designed to mount your iPod Nano is style and comfort. The materials are premium quality. Hand-tooled leather, and laser-cut anodized stainless steel, this watch-band is a huge step above the neon-colored Nano watchbands available everywhere. But there’s one little feature that you simply will not find on another iPod Nano watchband.

This one has a bottle opener!

No joke! When the laser cutters where designing the clip, they realized that a portion of the clip could be any shape, so why not make it useful? The designers thought that people are always looking for a bottle opener, so building one into your watchband will make it doubly useful.

Now, with one device, you can tell the time, listen to your favorite music and podcasts, and crack open a beer, all with leather and steel and a multitouch interface. Brilliant, eh?”