Partying on an island day club on Sydney Harbour

Australia’s first ever floating island day club launches with the Vodafone Android Island Party,

Blunty3000 gets himself invited to the VIP launch of the world’s first ever floating island day club on Sydney Harbor. It’s a floating island on the Harbor that will see thousands of Sydney siders partying on the water and playing witness to what must be the most beautiful view of the Sydney sunset that there is to be had.

The first event on the island, was the” Vodafone Android Island Party”, those of us lucky to be invited, or have won the “android man” competition Vodafone was running, drank custom designed (or at least appropriately re-named) cocktails and listened to the the fantastic live music from Sydney’s Bag Raiders, and New York super stars, Tamarama, playing in celebration of the launch of the new club, brought to you by Sydney club owner, Julian Tobias.