Fight like Scott Pilgrim, Beat up Blunty the 8th Evil Ex!

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes in hand to hand combat in order to win her heart. I’m bringing you a once in a lifetime chance to BE your own action movie hero, be trained by a fight instructor and have a fight sequence filmed, then edited to look like a fight right out of the movie (which hits shelves on DVD & Blu-Ray on December the 15th)

To enter you just create a 60second long video response to this video titled “Why I want to be Scott Pilgrim”stating why you should be chosen as a comic book hero

The winner will be chosen on November the 29th, and MUST be a Sydney resident, be in or travel to (at your own expense) to Sydney for Filming on December 6th 2010

The final edited fight scene will be published here on Blunty3000’s youtube channel on December the 15th to coincide with the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world :)