Sometimes I get “fan art”, that’s awesome :)

From time to time, I get a piece of what I guess is “fan art” in my email in-box, portraits of me, drawn by people who watch my vids… This is both weird and awesome.

Today, a dude from Melbourne, called Mark, plonked a portrait of my fuzzy mug into my in-box… I think it’s pretty damn awesome.

“im pretty much a self taught illustrator (still learning) and i sometimes use stuff off the net to use for colour and lighting studies to paint with.  I thought the lighting in your video was interesting so i painted a semi portrait and thought you might wanna check it out for shits n giggles.”

Said Mark. I think it’s great, I love the style, but I do think it’s a bit of a pity Pity he picked his inspiration from a frame in yesterday’s Playstation Move review video where I look like I’ve got some kind of severe brain hemorrhage goin’ on.

Mark has a website at – he also does commissions, just in case you want one of your own ;)