You Stink like a GIRL – I’m MINTY MAN FRESH

This is the story of Blunty’s new Haircut. It’s probably not as dull as it sounds.

Sensitive new age guys, metrosexuals, the girly lookin’ EMO boys… it’s been a while since it was “fashionable” for men to be MANLY, but we’re making a comback, with brands like Old-Spice and their recent online advertising campaigns, men like me can once again say I’m on a horse, and mean it… wait what? I got side tracked…

I was invited by “Headgear” to check out their “made for men” hair-care stuff, so I did, at Patricks of sydney Hairdresser… though “hairdresser” & “salon” sound too girly, so from now on, I’m calling them hair technicians… or mechanics… or something… MANLY!!!