SMASH Anime & Manga con – Sydney 2010 – made on iPhone 4 edited with iMovie App

Went along to SMASH anime and manga convention in Sydney today, was just sitting here playing with the iMovie app on the iPhone4, Decided it was about time to actually publish something I’ve been doing with the simple, but excellent app.

This is just a vid for the sake of experimenting with the app… the “REAL” vid(s) of the event will be on my main youtube channel next week.

All footage here was recorded and edited on the iPhone 4, but transferred to my Mac for upload in full 720p quality.

Didn’t spend a whole lot of time putting this together, deliberately, as the iMovie app is designed for short, fun quick edits and that’s what I plan to use it for, anything that “needs more” will naturally be done in FCP.