Will it BREAK, DROWN, FREEZE & BURN? SONY TX5 Camera review

Sony’s “tough” camera; Will it Blend? phht, probably, those Blendtec Blenders are STUPID evil, but Will Sony’s little  point & shoot happy snapper survive the torture test of Blunty? A man KNOWN to not just void warranties, but violate them with the thick end of a baseball bat… lets see

Putting the SONY Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 camera, I was offered for review, through it’s hoops to see if it really IS as tough as sony have been telling people… by giving it several drop tests, submersion in water, freezing it solid and setting it on fire*

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the time-lapse footage was shot on my iPhone 3GS using the ReelMoments app, and I had it mounted to the tripod using my OWLE Bubo (reviewed here)

*note; Sony don’t actually claim that it’s fire-proof… at all… but it felt like a fun idea heh ;)

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