Wet Life – the last hurrah of my iPhone 3Gs

With the impending release of the iPhone 4 here in Australia at the end of this month, this may be the last cinematographic experiment playtime I’ll have with the 3Gs. I’m looking forward to the apparently superb camera on its new brother.

I’ve always enjoyed little “for fun” projects like this, seeing what I can squeeze out of gear that would normally be considered, lets be kind and say “limited” when compared to the best gear I have. The same reason so many still-snappers enjoy “iPhoneography”.

Recorded with iPhone3Gs using various lenses attached with the OWLE Bubo kit (My review here)

Image reasonably heavily processed with curves, contrast and saturation adjustments to try and emulate more of a film stock look

Edited with Final Cut Pro

Cropped to 16×9 aspecy ratio & Upscaled to 720P in FCP

Subject; Water & Life.

Location; Various locations in suburbs east of Sydney CBD

Music; Just some blusey crap built in Garageband

And If you’re a subscriber and wondering why this video hasn’t popped up on your youtube subscriptions it’s because this is pretty much just play time experiment stuff and has been thrown up on a secondary channel I’ve had sitting dormant for some time now.