iPhone 4 about to launch in Aus; Optus doing the midnight launch thing

Now that, at long last, the Aussie release date for the iPhone 4 has been locked in, the local carriers are able to finally lock in their own plans, and let us all know what they are.

The Next Web are reporting today that they’ve had official confirmation that Optus will be hosting midnight launch parties next Thursday night in prep for the release which officially starts as midnight ticks over at 12.01am and it becomes July 30; “iPhone4 Friday”.

I will be watching this midnight launch at the local Optus flagship store with interest, as I was at last years launch for the 3GS at the same store and “borrowed” a staff members iPhone 3GS for a few minutes to record and upload the very first Aussie video from the 3GS.

I’ve a feeling the line, which was pretty big last year, will be even bigger and the spectacle and excitement bigger still… we’ll see :)