How to install Android on the iPad (and iPad 2)

With a little ingenuity, I’ve finally cracked the secret to installing Android on my iPad (This will also work to install Android on iPad2). Frankly I still prefer iOS, but hey, in the mean time I can mess around with Android on it ;P

Shot of Android running smoothly on my Apple iPad

How to install Android on your iPad;

Step 1; Data is an Android, Puns amuse me.

Step 2: Why would you WANT to? just buy and android Tablet, there are LOTS of them to choose from, if you can find the ones that aren’t vaporware. DUUUHHHH

6 thoughts on “How to install Android on the iPad (and iPad 2)”

    1. If flash was important to you, you shouldn’t have got an ipad you retard, it was WELL KNOWN even before release that flash wasn’t going to be on it. You’re a fucking idiot.

  1. I was hoping you were serious. I would love to see an Android 3.0 installer for the iPad2 for the same reason I would like to see one for my iPhone 4. There have been some bootloaders in the past but I haven’t seen anything recently. If I were Google, I would release an installer just to piss off Apple. I love Apple’s hardware and their attention to detail but iOS is becoming really lame boring and dated for me. Apple’s focus on maintaining a consistent UI really stifles the potential for innovation. The iPad has great apps but iOS is missing widgets, background notifications (popup notifications are sooo annoying and dumb), and in general, I think the OS could take much more advantage of screen realestate and graphics capabilities. If iOS5 doesn’t see a major overhaul I’ll most likely e looking for an Android or WebOS device.

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