Samsung Pissy at Steve Jobs’ claims about those Retina displays

iPhone4According to this post over at engadget, Samsung have gotten a bit annoyed at Steve Jobs’ claims at the WWDC Keynote about the iPhone 4‘s new crispy “Retina display” technology being so far ahead of the competition nothing can touch it, and that OLED screens can’t even come CLOSE to being as awesome…

A Samsung spokesperson wanted to point out that they believe the high-res retina display on the iPhone 4 offers only a 3 to 5 percent advantage in sharpness over its own Super AMOLED screen, and for that small advantage, it gobbles  30 percent more power. Going on to say that the AMOLED screens have wider viewing angles, better contrast, and  “IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AM-OLED display technology.”

Samsung galaxy sI’ve not seen Apple’s Retina display in person yet & I’m unlikely to real soon, given that I’m an Aussie and the iPhone 4 won’t reach our shores till “late July” (my birthday is around then BTW, start thinking about buying me pretty thigs).

However, I have had my hands and eyeballs on several of Samsung’s Phones and Cameras that feature their AMOLED screens, and they are very VERY beautiful. In fact, in several of my product reviews of Samsung’s gear I have often called them the best screens I’ve laid eyes on. So I wouldn’t be TOO shocked to find that, side by side, it’s a very close call.