iPad, Apple Vs Adobe Flash & Fanboy ‘Tards – MEGA RANT

Blunty3000 in a fit of apparent ADD, RANTS derails himself and RANTS some more on Apple, Adobe, Flash the iPad haters spazing out, and other stupid brand fanboys.

This is also the first video I’ve produced with the iPad, in fact the whole production was on the iPhoneOS devices, it was filmed on my iPhone 3GS, the video file transferred to my iPad via the USB camera connection kit, then edited, rendered, compressed and all on the iPad without ever touching a “proper” computer.

The only thing I don’t like is that with the 3GS I’m limited to 640×480 video resolution in video, so Here’s hoping that the next iPhone (announced very soon at the WWDC maybe?) offers at least 720p HD video recording to make me happy :)