Aussie TEASES Germans for WORLD CUP – Socceroo Fan In Berlin

FIFA’s World Cup is about to “kick off” (HAH, PUN!) And the German Coach, players and media have all been slamming the Aussies chances in the WorldCup, so an Aussie Socceroo fan in Berlin who obviously believed otherwise wanted to stick it to the Germans by being a bit cheeky in some iconic locations.

Sure thanks to some obvious logo shots, it’s clearly some “viral promo” stuff from SOLO, one of the brand sponsors of FIFA’s world cup, but it’s still pretty damn funny, and very VERY Aussie in my opinion :) – disclosure… I bloody love me some Solo, it’s tasty (and no they didn’t pay me to post this or to say that heh).

(if you’re wondering why I, a man with little real interest in ball sports owns a socceroos jersey and a soccer ball… they came in a SWAG bag I got at a PR event sony, one of the other sponsors, had a while back about their TV’s ;) )