The winner of the final round is… well watch to find out :) Win the “Bamboo Fun” from WACOM the top of the range in the Bamboo family! 3 to give away, All you have to do is make my crappy art look awesome! Watch the launch & Stage 1 Video here; How to enter 1. The competition runs for 30 days with three(3) stages of ten(10) days each. A winner is decided every 10 days, determined by the quality of the submission. The submissions will be judged by Blunty himself. 2. Each stage requires a different set of entries to bring the storyboard to life, starting with a pencil sketch from Blunty himself. The three(3) stages are: 1. Ink – You download Blunty’s pencil sketch and you ink in the detail 2. Colour – You download the winning *Ink* entry and you add colours, backgrounds and gradients 3. Letters – You download the winning “Colour” entry and you add storyline and dialogue via speech bubbles You can enter each stage once, and there is one winner per stage. 3. Artwork MUST be submitted as layered Photoshop (.PSD) file to the following email address: Adding your name to the file name will be helpful File size is 20Mb maximum. You may want to use a site like YouSendIt or to send large files. Video Replies on Youtube We encourage you to post video replies to Blunty’s Youtube channel with the keyword “#winawacom” discussing your and others submissions, the final work or even your creative process. After 30 days Blunty

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Published: 2009-11-03 02:58:02

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