I heart my iPad

I have once again succumbed to my gadget whore ways, and despite pretty mug raping my budget for is month I got myself an iPad.

I went along to the Sydney apple store with the intent of merely checking out the launch day mania, and keeping a friend company while she waited in line for her own iPad.
Turns out, those poor saps who’d spent 6, 8, 12 or more hours camping outside the store, in the cold and wet misery of sydney’s current weather needn’t have bothered as there seemed to have been plenty of stock.
I do, however, feel a bit sorry for those who pre-ordered after the initial rush and are now stuck with a “june 7th” ship date while others are still just wandering in to any number of apple stores or resellers and walking away with the hardware.

I’m typing this blog entry on the iPad, in horizontal orientation, across may lap as I lay on the couch, and my typing speed, is pretty damn close to what it is on the “proper” keyboard on my MacBook, which is rather surprising…
The pic attached to this post was a quick sketch done in adobe’s “ideas” app, which is a lot of fun to draw with, but I really hope future updates really flesh it out because it’s bare bones basic right now.

While Apple’s constant use of the word “magical” in the marketing for the iPad is annoying on a level nothing short of a cheese grater on my bones, the battery life on this slab of gadgety joy almost earns the hyperbole.

I heart my iPad.

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