Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone “Circle Circle Dot Dot” Blowin’ Up Directed by Nate Burr (Blunty3000) You can now get this music video on iTunes phobos.apple.com You can also get Jamie and Stu ringtones by clicking here stores.mqube.us Created using Anasazi Stop Motion Animator (frame capture), Adobe Premiere (editing), photoshop (any effects not done in-camera) and Goldwave (audio recording/editing). Cameras used; Intel CS330 (the better looking stuff) and Intel CS110 (which has been modified for extreme macro focus) Lear more about Stop Motion animation like this at www.brickfilms.com

Author: Blunty3000

Duration: 196

Published: 2007-01-17 09:12:25

Circle Circle Dot Dot – Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone