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More Details – MINECRAFT on NINTENDO SWITCH – BIGGEST & BEST Portable Minecraft Ever

Nintendo Switch Minecraft, after a Mojang livestream we now know some more interesting details about the upcoming Switch version of Minecraft ▶︎ Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/BluntNate ▶︎ I Stream Live at https://www.twitch.tv/bluntnate ▶︎ Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/bluntytv ▶︎ Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/BluntNate ▶︎ http://blunty.tv/

Would You Rather… POOP NAILS!? – Minecraft Mini-Game

Answer Correctly or DIE!!! in this Minecraft Mini-Game of “WOULD YOU RATHER” Twitch –  Subscribe on YouTube – Twitter Would You Rather Minigame Map, Single/multiplayer, For Minecraft 1.10 and above – made by 5upertrinity http://www.5upertrinity.com/#!would-you-rather/flb61


Want Lucky-Blocks in Minecraft 1.10.2 (and 1.10, 1.9) but don’t want to MOD with FORGE etc? Here’s a 100% VANILLA LUCKY BLOCK that works without mods. NO MODDING + The fun of LuckyBlock? yes please! :) Follow on Twitch to see me stream (Minecraft, Pokemon & whatever I damn well...