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Glidetrack ‘MobiSlyder’ – Does it Suck?

Mobislyder Glidetrack is a compact ultraportable camera slider designed to allow you to create smooth cinematic camera moves using your portable video device. It’s claimed to be the world’s first portable camera slider designed for iPhones, Android smart phones & compact cameras – But does it suck?

Camera Gear that Doesn’t Suck – BlackRapid Camera Sling

Blunty Checks out the BlackRapid camera strap system range of innovative “sling” camera straps made for better comfort and faster access than regular neck straps, at PMA Sydney 2011 Frankly, I’ve been hearing about these straps for years often recommended on my fave Photography podcasts (like TWIP), it was great...


“Nipple Enhancers”, the next in a long line of products that let women LIE to everyone about their appearance! “The natural look is back. Nipples are in. From your favourite magazines, to stars gracing the red carpet, women are showing off their breasts with pride. Body Perks nipple enhancers are...