MeatSpace – Episode 6 – “Sony wants to eat your brains”

Originally published Jun 21, 2007
Funny story, this episode wound up being web-exclusive and as never televised with the rest of season one. (the show these were commissioned for refused to air it because it was so nasty on SONY… the implied rape may have scared them off too *shrug* this is why I don’t work in TV, well, one of many reasons ;)

MeatSpace Pilot – Episode 001

Originally Published Feb 10, 2007

The pilot episode for a proposed series of short animated episodes.
“MeatSpace” aims to be a primarily topical, and somewhat sarcastically humorous look at “geeky-ness” be it video gaming, internet or TV related.

Starring the main characters Kevin (also know by his online tag FragJunkie) and Toby (Enjoo). With tertiary characters likely.

This episode runs pretty thick and fast, and is fairly heavy with geeky references. I think any future eps will have to be paced a bit milder ;)

If you’re confused as to the name;

MeatSpace : (noun, informal) the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment

Representative of the fact we experience the characters cyberspace related moments by witnessing them in Meatspace.