DIABLOW 3 – ERROR 37 – MeatSpace S2E03

DIABLO 3 is finally here BITCHES!!!! and gamers are PISSED THE EFF OFF that they can’t PLAY the game they paid good hard earned cash to buy and can’t even so much as log-in for a single player game on launch day as
Blizzard’s servers melt down. Users being met with an endless flood of ERROR 37 & Error 315300, ERROR 3006 & ERROR 3007 and.. well you get the point.

Anyone who paid for Diablo 3 and actually expected to be able to play it on launch day is an idiot.

MeatSpace – Episode 6 – “Sony wants to eat your brains”

Originally published Jun 21, 2007
Funny story, this episode wound up being web-exclusive and as never televised with the rest of season one. (the show these were commissioned for refused to air it because it was so nasty on SONY… the implied rape may have scared them off too *shrug* this is why I don’t work in TV, well, one of many reasons ;)