…Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee! – MeatSpace S2E01

SkyRim, I was going to play it, then I stepped on a LEGO block, and Animated it.
Kevin & Toby are back in the first fresh episode of MeatSpace in *checks* bloody hell… three years! whoa.

This is the first time MeatSpace has been in HD too :) Sweet sweet 1080P
Animated on a Mac using Dragon stopmotion & a Canon 60D… the old ones were done on a PC with a scrappy little WebCam.

So MeatSpace is back! Yes I know it took WAY longer than I said it would to get the first fresh ep of MS produced and up (about four months longer actually) … get over it. I’m a busy man with a crappy back and stop motion is a long labour intensive production.

(Inside-baseball…. this episode isn’t even the one I wrote as the first new episode, that one is still half animated, this one was burned out when some inspiration struck… that’s how it works with me).

Don’t ask if there’s going to be a regular publishing schedule for MeatSpace, most of the first series was created for the ABC to be shown on the video game show “Good Game” and so I had deadlines to hit… this time it’s just for the love of it, mine and yours… so you’ll get ‘em when you get ‘em k? k.

Chronologically This is episode 10. I’m calling it Season 2, Episode 1

You can catch all the old episodes here;MeatSpace.Blunty.tv