DIABLOW 3 – ERROR 37 – MeatSpace S2E03

DIABLO 3 is finally here BITCHES!!!! and gamers are PISSED THE EFF OFF that they can’t PLAY the game they paid good hard earned cash to buy and can’t even so much as log-in for a single player game on launch day as
Blizzard’s servers melt down. Users being met with an endless flood of ERROR 37 & Error 315300, ERROR 3006 & ERROR 3007 and.. well you get the point.

Anyone who paid for Diablo 3 and actually expected to be able to play it on launch day is an idiot.

Justin Bieber Vs Avril Lavigne – MeatSpace S2E02

It’s a face-off… Justin Bieber versus Avril Lavigne. Kevin and Toby grind out the core differences between two Canadian Pop-tarts, the boy who sang “baby” and the Girl who sang “Girlfriend“.

Chronologically This is episode 11. AKA Season 2, Episode 2

MeatSpace Special. Go MiniMan GO! Living in MeatSpace.

LEGO asked me to help them celebrate the 30th Birthday of the LEGO miniman. It is with great pride and joy that I present to you this special episode of MeatSpace. “Living in MeatSpace”

This special episode of MeatSpace was created to both help launch the celebrations and to inspire people wanting to tell stories and adventures of their own in the LEGO Universe.