About MeatSpace

MeatSpace, Kevin and TobyWhen it was first conceived in early 2007, “MeatSpace” was to be a primarily topical, sarcastic and humorous look at “geeky culture” be it video gaming, internet, comics or TV related.

When I pitched the concept and pilot episode to ABC TV* for their nationally broadcasted video game show “Good Game” the focus narrowed to Video gaming specifically.
When the commissioned run ended after episode 6, MeatSpace was free to expand once more to a broader range of subject matter, but still all about the geeky stuff, because… well… “write what you know” ;)

As for the name…

MeatSpace : (noun, informal) the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment.
Representative of the fact we experience the characters cyberspace related moments by witnessing them in Meatspace.

-Nate “Blunty” Burr



(*that’s Australian Broadcasting Corporation by the way, not the American station with the same name)

4 Responses to About MeatSpace

  1. Eliot Wolf says:

    So glad to see this coming back. This was the series that made me want to produce content for the internet, and hopefully soon it will happen but in the meantime I have my lego animation fix.


  2. Matt Potter says:

    Blunty, looking forward to seeing your stopmotion vids again. you were one of the few to get me into legoanimation. I hope this project works out smoothly and non frustrating. If you want someone to revamp your “Meatspace theme song” I could be of help :) Long live Blunty!

  3. Andrew Marshall says:

    Dude, I’m one of your biggest fans. You rock. Its because of you that I started posting videos on youtube. The first videos I ever saw on youtube was your Lego Meatspace videos.

  4. I love this it’s like seinfeld

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