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12 Useful Accessories For NINTENDO SWITCH

What are the best, most useful, Accessories for Nintendo Switch coming with it on Switch Launch day? Blunty takes a poke around to see what he can find in Nintendo Switch accessories. Nintendo Switch – ULTIMATE Guide, Which SD Card to Get The PS4 Is In Danger from Nintendo...

CPU FIGHT – A Surprising i3 !

CPU Fight, comparing the Skylake i3 6100 to the new, and overclockable, Kaby lake i3 7350k… Skylake vs Kaby lake, 6100 vs 7350k, overclock vs stock… what difference does it make and how far can you overclock an i3-7350k? Lets find out. Live PC build of the Kaby lake i3 7350k...

Overclockable i3 – PC Build – Livestream (replay)

Blunty Live streams a PC build in the new Thermaltake Core P1 MITX chassis, with the new (and overclockabe, pretty notable for an i3) i3 7350K I have in For Review Originally broadcast on First attempt, with derp; Music by

Up Your Smartphone Photo / Video Game – Joby Griptight POV Kit Review

Joby GripTight POV Kit Review. “The GripTight POV Kit is a versatile smartphone mount that delivers a camera-like grip for outstanding photos and alternate grips for ultra smooth video and creative angles. This modular and lightweight grip also features the integrated Impulse Bluetooth® trigger for Android and iOS devices.”

$55 Smartphone Camera Stabiliser … Does it Suck?

Blunty Reviews the X-Cam Sight 2-axis Gimbal Stabiliser for Smartphones. “X-Cam SIGHT2 2-axis Stabilizer Bluetooth Self-timer Brushless Handheld Gimbal For iPhone Samsung Xiaomi”… Crane-M Gimbal Review; Smooth-II Review;   Music by