About Blunty

Nate “Blunty” Burr – writer, director, online audio/video content creator –
An Australian adventuring in online video production since YouTube was still in its infancy.

Nate is deeply passionate about photography, videography & content creation, well known for being a giant dork. and making being dryly sardonic an art-form.

Often found producing reviews and commentary for, on, and about technology, games, gaming hardware, Smartphones, cameras and other video and photography accessories & gizmos.

He has also created everything from animated music videos for Warner Bros Music, Viral promotional videos,  he’s covered many events, conventions, expo’s, movie premieres and product launches, movie & TV reviews and he has produced a short animated series called MeatSpace for ABC2 television in Australia.

Consistently one of the most viewed & subscribed youtubers in Australia, Nate is consistently churning out online video content from almost every genre imaginable.

Blunty3000 AKA Blunty AKA Nate

Photography & Cameras
Technology Reviews
Game & Movie reviews
Editorial Commentary
Music Videos
If it can be done on Video, Nate’s done it, or will do it…. with some obvious exceptions;)

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