SHUT UP about Ghost Of Tsushima – UNINSPIRED & HOW PS4 DIES!

Why won’t people SHUT UP about Ghost Of Tsushima? It’s just “yet another” Open world action adventure game after all… Well, here’s why…

Oh and yes I played Ghost Of Tsushima 4K (well, FAKE 4K because the PS4 Pro 4K is usually fake… this time it was REALLY 1800p 30(ish) fps, but “checkerboard” upscaled to 4K…. fake fake FAAKE…. but very pretty…. PC Port of Ghost Of Tsushima please! I need a Ghost Of Tsushima PC Release. (or maybe the PS5 will run it at 4K 60? The Playstation 5 Ghost Of Tsushima patch for 4K 60fps is what the world needs!)

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