Nyko Clip Grip Power – Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip review

Nyko Clip Grip Power review,

“Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch™ allows you to conveniently attach your Joy-Con™ controllers and smart phone to an ergonomic grip providing an optimal experience while using the Nintendo Online App. Clip Grip Power will fit most smart phone sizes via the adjustable arm. While not in use, the adjustable arm is conveniently stored on the under side of Clip Grip Power allowing for a more streamlined Joy-Con grip. Store up to 7 Nintendo Switch games and 2 microSD™ cards in the compartment of Clip Grip Power. The 3000 mAh internal battery provides you with extra play time for your Joy-Cons, cell phone or Switch. Clip Grip Power is the ideal way to interact with the Nintendo Switch Online App and play at the same time.”