A Laptop with Camo ? OK!

MSI GE62VR 7RF CAMO SQUAD LIMITED EDITION  Overview & Gameplay, Overwatch, Doom, Project Cars

About the MSI GL62M 7RDX 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Which as I mentioned in the video, in Australia is exclusive to JB HIFI With a combo of the i7 and a GTX 1050 it makes a very serviceable Gaming and all rounder laptop, the i7 keeps productivity stuff smooth, and the GTX 1050 gives you enough grunt for some good 1080p gaming, expecially ideal for esports type games.


The Cooler Boost 4, which I’ve praised in every single MSI laptop Review and hands-on I’ve done this year, remains praise worthy… and the design here is also specifically tweaked to keep that 1050 under control, so even when you’re pulling on it hard in gaming, the laptop isn’t going to scream… in fact, under overwatch it stayed remarkably quiet.


The GTX 1050 here isn’t where you wanna live for high end AAA High/Ultra 1080p gaming, while the power is there to reach for it, the 2GB of video memory makes it far more ideal for Overwatch, LOL, and other MMO and Esports style games that are highly optimised to make their play experience great on all kinds of hardware.

That said though, today’s AAA stuff at 1080p will still very likely happily churn along at at least Medium settings here.

The Screen is unusually great for a laptop at the lower end of the range too, it has the same 95% NTSC / 100% sRGB panel the higher end models have (BETTER than your common IPS panels) and with a very wide viewing angle.

It’s a great little workhorse in the more affordable end of the range, without many compromises against its heftier siblings. Worth a look…  which it also has BTW, Looks, a nice dark gunmetal finish on the plastics brings it a cut above the average glossy black look IMHO :)