Razer’s OSVR HDK 2 Virtual Reality Headset – Unboxing

HDK 2 – Open Source HMD VR Headset, Powered by OSVR – Works with OSVR and SteamVR, for less than $400, compared to the HTC Vive at $1000, and the Oculus Rift at $600

The HDK 2 is an open source virtual reality headset for the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform. With virtual reality still in its early days, the HDK 2 was designed to be an affordable, modular solution for both enthusiasts and developers, allowing them to tinker and experiment with the technology without worrying about restrictions and legalities.

HDK 2 Specs;

Dual Display 2160×1200 low persistence OLED silver screen with 441 PPI running at 90 fps.

IR Faceplate providing positional, multi directional input.

Comes with an IR Camera operating at 100hz.

integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and compass

External USB 3.0 connection for additional accessories

Individual eye focus Adjustment

Surround Sound Audio codec integrated