I Got Bored Spitless by Wargaming So You Don’t Have To… 100 Years Of Tanks

I’m IN LONDON BABY!… Sat through Wargaming’s Press Briefing about World of Tanks… here’s the bits that didn’t bore me brainless…



In this interview with Wargaming’s Alexander Bobko
(Frankly, this interview is FAR from my best work… Because I was thrown into it without warning, I had NO IDEA someone (I still have NFI who), had scheduled me for it I was just plopped down on the day with 10 minutes warning… so had done ZERO prep work… still… did my best with what I had *Shrug*)


With thanks to Wargaming for bringing me to London for this “100 Years of Tanks” Event.

World of Tanks is a Free to play Competitive, team based, massively multiplayer online game developed by Wargaming, featuring early to mid-20th century era Tanks & armoured fighting vehicles. http://worldoftanks.com