The “MEW GLITCH” Works Fine in Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue & Pokemon Yellow (Virtual Console)

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue & Pokemon Yellow? The infamously rare, and First Legendary Pokemon, Mew – Who even today, in current games Like Pokemon X, Pokemon Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, is STILL a PAIN IN THE ASS to obtain thanks to Nintendo being DICKSNintendo HATE POKEMON FANS! – #Pokemon20 “Mew Code” STUPIDITY
But there is a Glitch, the “mew glitch” in Pokemon RBY that lets you capture a Mew without having to resort to cheating devices (Not even possible on the new re-releases thanks to them not being Carts, but Virtual console titles, duh)

The walkthrough guide I used to make sure I did the Mew Glitch right; How to do the Mew Glitch…