Gadget Travel Tips + “USB Supercharger UFO” Review & GIVEAWAY!

Blunty offers up some tech based travel tips & Checks out the CygnettSupercharger UFO” 5 port USB Charger.

Review of the high capacity USB Battery charger;
I can shoot FOREVER! – The Best Powerbank Charger Thingy I’ve Found! 
Leading up to my tip to the GTC 2016

MUSIC BY Teknoaxe

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8 Responses

  1. john szabo says:

    I lways need to take a Cygnett “Supercharger UFO” 5 Port USB Charger on hlidays-hope I have a chance to win the comp

  2. Jas Singh says:

    Best travel tip: taking a 4 way power board on every overseas trip to be able to charge multiple devices and phones all at once;

  3. Will says:

    Take a roll of duct tape to tape valuables under furniture or behind curtains & paintings in your room keeping them away from the prying eyes of service staff and opportunistic thieves!

  4. Ange says:

    Best travel tech tip is – if all else fails and you can plug your usb devices into the back of most tv and have them charged – most hotels have modern tvs that allow you to do this.

  5. Alvin H says:

    your very best travel tip or a favourite bit of travel technology

  6. my favourite piece of travel technology is my phone. I download offline maps , travel guides , have my tickets in passbook, use it for photos, uber, air bnb and timetable information. Access to youtube is also invaluable – how else would I know how to unblock a toilet in a Chinese apartment in the middle of the night when noone speaks english.

  7. Soth Sok says:

    My fave bit of travel technology is my wind-up radio and torch. It’s so useful and easy to operate in case of any emergency. One wind-up will give me about 30mins of power. Awesome and useful technology!

  8. Edward Dekkers says:

    Jeez each family member travels with an Android Tablet, my wife and I each have phones so keeping 6 devices charged screams out for something like this! I think this would become my new favourite gadget on holidays! Good luck everyone for the giveaway!