Blunty REACTS TO… Actually HELPING the Youtube & Twitch Communities! – Nfan Event Report

Blunty Reacts to NOT being a D-bag like the so called “Fine Bros”* – and burning himself out doing all he can to be HELPFUL to the community of gamers and Aussie Youtubers / Twitch Streamers who came along to the latest Nfan Community Event, this one in Melbourne.

Register and be active on the Aus/NZ Nfan forums for your opportunity to be at future Nfan events across Australia and New Zealand

Thanks to Mark Libman, Community Manager for Nvidia in ANZ
The Guys at GUF 
and ANY.IT… who really need a website proper not just a UUUGH… facebook page (BOO FACEBERK); (You’ll have to copy-paste that… I REFUSE to link directly to FB, sorry… get a real site).
Hyper X, PC POWERPLAY and PC TECH & AUTHORITY magazines, Screencheat, and every last person who came to make it a fun filled event!

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*(if you don’t know why the “fine brothers” suck, and are haemorrhaging subscribers right now, google it, they did a crappy thing designed to screw over independent creators, exploit people, take ownership of a word, a concept and a format they neither invented, pioneered or even remotely have ANY moral exclusive claim on, and pretty much the whole internet is all pissy about the thing right now ;) )