Best 60fps capture card? Elgato HD60 PRO – REVIEW

Wondering what 1080p 60fps capture card to buy? The Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro, just might be the best 60p Capture card for you,lets finds out in this full review of the HD60 PRO

“Stream and record Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Wii U gameplay with Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro. Fitting internally inside your PC, and capturing your game-play at a massive 60Mbps, the HD60 Pro introduces Instant Gameview – eliminating the delay of your gameplay during live streaming, it feeds your footage with superior low latency technology. With Master Copy, record hours of your best moments in stunning 1080p with 60 fps thanks to simultaneous H.264 hardware encoding and access them directly on your PC or Mac. The built-in Live Streaming feature gets you up and running on Twitch, YouTube, Ustream or Dailymotion in a snap. With Stream Command, easily add your webcam and overlays, and change your stream layout on-the-fly with scenes, and add your voice with the built-in Live Commentary feature. Includes 2m HDMI cable. “