4K Anamorphic Video, Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

When I posted my review of the Moondog Labs Anamorphic iPhone
lens, Someone wrote in and asked if it would work in Filmic Pro’s 3K mode.
This is the result.

Filmed in 3K, 24fps, 32Mbs mode in Filmic Pro, with an iPhone 6 plus, using the Moondog labs anamorphic lens, desqueezed and upscaled to 4K in a custom FCPX project 4096×1714 for the correct 2.4:1 Anamorphic ratio. Because at this resolution, Filmic Pro’s automatic desqueeze mode for the moondog labs lens, as I used for my review footage, is unavailable.

All footage was shot handheld with no support equipment, though some stabilisation was applied in FCPX. I graded to a high contrast B&W image because 1. I like the look, and 2. colour is irrelevant for this experiment, and a high-contrast monotone image helps isolate the sharpness obtained.

Music by Teknoaxe