Helpful YouTuber’s Video Gear – Rotolight stuff Multi-Review

Blunty excitedly reviews a bunch of handy dandy video accessory gear from Rotolight, including the Rotolight sound and light kit, Pro Ball swivel head (LOL?) and the Articulated arms with “Superclamps”, known to video nerds as the WONDERFULLY HANDY “magic arms”.

Rotolight now have Aussie distribution now too, so Aussies, keep an eye out!
See my original Rotolight “Interview kit” review here; “YOUR VIDS LOOK LIKE CRUD? FIX IT with Rotolight Interview Lighting kit – Review”
Also, just for WOOOW factor… check out what Rotolight do for full on studio gear you wish you had and excuse, and budget, to use :D “iPhone Controlled Video Lights – Rotolight ANOVA, WiFi Studio light!”

Also, you should all totally pester Rotolight to throw their newest fanciest on video light at me for review ;) the “Rotolight NEO” – FANCY!
Go on, bug them ;P