How to shoot better video with an iPhone, GoPro and other small cameras.? – Blunty’s Ultra Minimal Camera Rig for iPhone, GoPro & Compact Cameras…

In a couple of my recent videos where I’ve been testing out the iPhone 6 plus’s camera capabilities (and one that wasn’t directly about the iPhone but was about an accessory) I got some questions from people curious the rigs I was using… So I thought I’d throw some vids together about them.

The questions I get are usually basically along the lines of “Hey blunty where did you get that rig you were using?” – And the short answer to that is I DIDN’Tget” it anywhere, I built it up myself to suit my needs.

But the good news is, I did so with completely off the shelf parts, so it’s not difficult to Rig something just like them up yourself.