MiniDrone QuadCopter – Parrot Rolling Spider & Jumping Sumo

Blunty got hands-on with Parrot’s pair of new mini-drones… a palm sized quad-copter, the Rolling Spider & its ground based compatriot, the Jumping Sumo

With Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo, Parrot creates the MiniDrones, technologically advanced and very playful connected robots piloted with a smartphone or a tablet via the free FreeFlight 3 application.

Parrot Rolling Spider: an ultra-compact flying drone with impressive agility. It flies indoor and outdoor with great speed and stability. It rips through the air, loops-the-loop and thanks to its removable wheels, rolls from floor to ceiling!

Parrot Jumping Sumo: a responsive robot with a strong personality which rolls, zigzags, circles, takes 90° turns and which in a flash, jumps up to 80cm in height and length! With its embedded camera it immerses you into the heart of any adventure!

With Parrot MiniDrones ‘Rolling Spider’ and ‘Jumping Sumo’ everything around you becomes an excuse to play and the world transforms into a giant playground!

Races, slaloms and acrobatics in the air or on the ground, jumping obstacles… or for the pleasure of seeing them evolve, Parrot MiniDrones shake up the foundations of the traditional toy world and make it leap into the era of drones…