Best Bargain Photo & Video Light – Pocket Spotlight Review

The “Photojojo Pocket Spotlight” – PhotoJojo Pocket Spotlight review. Could this be the best value, bargain priced, cheap and affordable pocket-sized, ultra-compact photo and video light you can get?… yup… it really could be!

Blunty portrait featured in the video by Lachlan Downing –

“Blunty was playing with a few new awesome things, and the light on him in this shot comes from one of them. I think this light source was from a Photojojo product which he’s currently reviewing. I can’t wait to watch the review, and after seeing them in action, I think I’m going to need to get some” – Lachlan Downing


“All photographers want to control the sun. “No, don’t set yet! Come out from behind that cloud, already! Just get over here!” That’s why we love the Pocket Spotlight: it’s the next best thing to sun-controlling superpowers. The Pocket Spotlight is a continuous light source you can mount to your phone’s headphone jack, your camera’s hot shoe or off-camera in your hand. A flash can be surprisingly harsh (especially on the iPhone) and it’s always fleeting. The Pocket Spotlight is a constant light so you can actually see what you’re shooting and set your focus and exposure before you snap. Charge it via USB for up to an hour of brightly shining, gently diffused light. Light up an Instagram of your candle-lit dinner or use it on the move for a light painting. Make a video indoors with dramatic lighting, or point the Pocket Spotlight right at your camera for lens flare J.J. Abrams would be proud of. It’s especially great for portraits. Who’s got a pocket full of sunshine? You do!”