So… The Razer Edge & Razer Edge Pro, the so-called Steam box, Nvidia’s Project Shield, and the OUYA… With smartphone & tablet gaming surging in popularity (& revenue), there has been surge of attempts to mix the casual-gaming heavy phone & tablet gaming scene with the established and mature monster powerhouses of console and PC gaming
Going hands-on with the Razer EdgePC gaming Tablet, with live Razor edge Gameplay with Skyrim

So who has what it takes? Will the old “PC vs Game Console” argument become void once PC gaming *IS* console gaming?

and will Razer send me a ‘spare‘ unit so I can make a Razer Edge review? ;)
Lets find out…

Razer Edge & Razer Edge pro;

Nvidia’s Project SHIELD;


Valve Steam Box … no “official” site yet, but here’s a good rundown on it from techradar;…
On availability; The Razer Edge preorders are for yanks and canucks only right now *sadface* – Razer Australia say that there are definite plans for a Razer Edge Australian launch of the product, but pricing and availability dates have yet to be decided.